The Haircut

Humor was an integral part of my healing, both during and after cancer. My essay, The Haircut,  published in Mamalode a couple of years ago about a “haircut” following chemo therapy, is a good reminder to laugh when we can.

“It was windy. The weather report was dead on; wind squalls lifted women’s skirts, blew debris into swirling patterns on the street, and set sail to my hair, as if I my head was a dried dandelion and the wind was making a wish. My solution was to hold my hair on my head with my hands and run. Even in New York, people stared at the sight of a young woman sprinting down Madison Avenue holding on to her hair as sheets of it joined the litter on the street, but I was too panicked to care. I just held onto my hair and ran.  Click to read more


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